What To Know About Sprinkler Repair

There are many reasons why you may want a sprinkler system. Sprinklers can save you time and effort when keeping your landscape adequately watered. While there are plenty of reasons to install an irrigation system, eventually, wear and tear can have an impact. If your sprinklers aren't working or providing enough water, it doesn't always mean you need a new system. Instead, you may want to look into sprinkler repair. Here's what to know.

Updating Your Landscaping? Why Add Pine Bark

If you're looking for the right mulch for your yard, add pine bark to the list. Pine bark is more than a decorative ground covering. Pine bark provides benefits for your yard that you might not have considered. Before you choose a decorative mulch for your yard, read the list provided here. You'll find four benefits to choosing pine bark.   Ensures Proper pH balance If you want to keep your plants healthy, you need to maintain a proper pH balance.