Year-Round Mulching: Seasonal Tips For Using Bark Mulch In Every Garden

If you're like many homeowners, most of your gardening efforts occur during the spring and summer months. For instance, you probably apply a layer of mulch during late spring after you finish your seasonal planting. However, your garden is a dynamic living space that changes with the seasons, and your mulching strategy should adapt accordingly. Bark mulch, a versatile and natural choice, can help you maintain a healthy and vibrant garden throughout the year.

A Guide to the Different Kinds of Turf for Your Landscape

A vibrant, green lawn offers many benefits like increased property value, healthier air quality, and a beautiful outdoor space for family and friends. However, selecting the right kind of turf for your lawn can be a challenge with so many different types to choose from. Whether you're looking for a low-maintenance option or a soft surface for the kids to play on, keep reading to learn about the different types of turf you can install in your yard.

How To Get Your Yard Clean For Fall, Along With Leaf And Twig Removal

Raking leaves can be a backbreaking experience – or at least it can feel that way. Did you know that there are several ways to make the leaves cleanup easier? You can save yourself time, effort, and even some money by learning how to properly clean your yard this fall. Blowing Leaves  The first thing that needs to be completed when getting your yard clean for fall is blowing the leaves off of your lawn or driveway.

2 Ways A Professional Service Can Help Keep Your Lawn Green And Healthy

When you consider hiring a service to take care of your lawn, you may mostly think about it as a way to keep your grass mowed so that you do not have to deal with it. However, they will do more for your landscape than simply running a lawnmower over the grass. For example, they will mow your lawn and keep it manicured at the right height and intervals based on the time of year and the amount of moisture in the soil that affects the growth of the grass.

5 Things To Do Before Overseeding Your Lawn

Generally, late summer and fall is the time to think about overseeding your lawn. If you have areas that are patchy, not as green as you like, or otherwise suffering, then overlaying the lawn with fresh seed provides an easy option for rejuvenating the lawn.  1.  Open Up the Soil Compacted soil or soil covered in a heavy thatch layer of dead organic material doesn't allow for satisfactory seed germination. Before overseeding, the lawn needs to be dethatched using a dethatching rake to pull up the buildup of dead grass and other debris.