Ideas to Give Your Landscaping a Makeover With Natural Green Privacy Screens

Fences are a great improvement for homes that will add value and privacy. The problem with fences is that they have limited heights and are usually only on property lines. Green screens can be added to strategic areas to give your home more privacy and an attractive addition to fences. Green privacy screens with living plants will add a personal touch to your landscaping and fencing. To give your fence a little accent, try using some of these green screen ideas that you can do yourself over a weekend:

Giving Shape To Your Yard -- 4 Steps To Creating A Topiary

Want to make your yard really cool and unique? Try adding a topiary or two to your landscape design. Here are 4 steps to creating and keeping a beautiful one. Decide How to Use a Topiary. Topiary can be made in many different designs, shapes, and sizes, so consider first what would work in your existing landscape plan. You may want to start with a simple geometric shape like a ball, or a small and manageable "