Have A Tree Blocking A Water View? Remove It To Maximize The Property's Value

When a homeowner makes drastic improvements to their landscape, going from barren to beautiful, they can expect a 7% to 19% increase in their property's value. This includes the grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees, so it is natural that trees play an important role in this achievement. But, a water view can provide your property with an increase in value that ranges between 15% and 20%. It cannot come with obstructions such as commercial buildings, homes, hills, or mature trees.

A Few Tips For Maintaining Your Business's Landscaping

Creating the perfect yard for your business will require you to understand some of the basics of landscaping, but this is an important task for making the property attractive to potential customers. Unfortunately, it can be especially common for new business owners to not possess the experience needed to know how to handle these issues. For these individuals, following these basic landscaping tips may help to avoid some particularly common issues.

Buying A Vacation Home? Make The Switch To Artificial Grass For Easier Maintenance

After buying your house, as long as you keep up with your living expenses, you can start saving up money for all sorts of things. A new car, lots of vacations, or even your own vacation home. The idea of taking on two mortgages can be a bit scary, especially when you think about the maintenance and repairs as well. But, there are numerous ways that you can enjoy reduced costs after purchasing a vacation home.

Install a Simple Retaining Wall in Front of a Flowerbed

If windy conditions have caused soil to erode from the flowerbed that is bordering the front of your home and resulted in damage to some of the flowering plants that are growing, replace soil that is missing and install a simple retaining wall by completing the following steps. Once you have completed the project, your property will have a more attractive appearance, and the flowers and soil that are located behind the wall will be protected from additional damage or destruction caused by high winds.

Do You Decorate For Halloween Each Year? 3 Plants To Grow To Make Your Property Glow

Living in an area where you truly experience all four seasons can be quite magical. You may get used to it through the years, but the spring bloom, summer rain, fall colors, and winter snow is hard not to love. If you have a deep love for Halloween, you may have a massive collection of holiday decorations. Although you may have more than you could possibly need to make your home feel like a Halloween house, you may want to do something extra by incorporating festive plants into your landscape.