2 Ways A Professional Service Can Help Keep Your Lawn Green And Healthy

When you consider hiring a service to take care of your lawn, you may mostly think about it as a way to keep your grass mowed so that you do not have to deal with it. However, they will do more for your landscape than simply running a lawnmower over the grass.

For example, they will mow your lawn and keep it manicured at the right height and intervals based on the time of year and the amount of moisture in the soil that affects the growth of the grass. There are also a couple of ways that a professional service can keep your lawn healthy and green.

1. Select the Right Fertilizer to Replenish Nutrients in Your Yard Based on Soil Testing

One way that a professional service can ensure that your lawn grows green and healthy is by making sure that the right fertilizer is used. Instead of haphazardly adding fertilizer to the soil that could saturate it with too much ammonia or nitrates, the service will first take several samples of the soil.

Once they have the results, they can find out what nutrient levels are low. They can then create a unique fertilizer mixture for your lawn that will replenish and balance the nutrients the grass needs to grow lush and green.

2. Look for Signs of Disease and Pest Problems So They Can Be Treated as Soon as Possible

Another way that a service can help keep your home's grass healthy is by looking for signs of disease and pest problems. Every time they come out to mow and maintain your landscape, they can look for silvery coatings on the grass that indicate disease or yellowing patches that could indicate a grub problem.

Once they recognize these problems in their early stages, they can begin treatment of them right away by applying the right chemicals or insecticides. This can help ensure that the problems are dealt with early enough so that your lawn remains healthy.

Along with keeping your lawn mowed and manicured, a professional service can test the soil and select the right type of fertilizer to replenish the missing nutrients needed for your grass to grow green and lush. They can also keep your lawn healthy by looking for and treating disease and pest problems before they get out of hand. For more information or to speak to someone about getting started, contact a business in your area that offers lawn care services.

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