What To Know About Sprinkler Repair

There are many reasons why you may want a sprinkler system. Sprinklers can save you time and effort when keeping your landscape adequately watered. While there are plenty of reasons to install an irrigation system, eventually, wear and tear can have an impact. If your sprinklers aren't working or providing enough water, it doesn't always mean you need a new system. Instead, you may want to look into sprinkler repair. Here's what to know. 

Signs You Need Sprinkler Repair

Knowing when sprinkler repairs are needed is crucial, so you need to pay attention to your sprinkler system. Some signs that indicate that your sprinklers need to be repaired include sputtering sprinkler heads, sprinkler heads that don't have their full range of motion, inadequate water pressure, unusually high water bills, dripping valves, and uneven watering across your lawn. Some problems may impact your entire sprinkler system, while some may only be evident in a few sprinkler heads. Keeping an eye out for signs that repairs are needed will allow you to address the damage before it gets worse. 

When To Call In An Expert

Another thing to know about sprinkler repair is that it may not be something you can handle yourself. For example, while you can likely handle a clogged sprinkler head yourself, you will want to call in an expert if there is damage to your sprinkler system's wiring. If you aren't sure whether you should call in an expert, check your system's manual to see if there are any fixes recommended for you to try. If the issue is beyond your skills or there's no fix in your manual, call a landscaping professional to handle your sprinkler repair. 

How Much Repairs Cost

How much sprinkler repair costs depend on the type of system you have and what components are damaged. The type of repairs needed may include replacing sprinkler heads, rewiring sections of your system, installing new pipes or valves, and fixing or replacing timers. On average, sprinkler repair will set you back anywhere from $132 to $406. Generally, sprinkler repair will be much less expensive than installing a new system.

There are a few things to know if your sprinkler system needs repair. First, knowing what signs indicate repairs are necessary is vital. Second, there are many times when you need to call in an expert to handle these repairs. Finally, while repairs can cost a few hundred dollars, they are usually cheaper than installing a new system. 

For more information on sprinkler repair, contact a professional near you.