5 Reasons Your Business Still Needs Landscaping Services In Winter

Maintaining your commercial landscaping isn't just a warm-season task. Winter landscape care is also needed to ensure safe environs for customers and staff. The right care in winter can also give the landscaping four-season appeal, which will reflect well upon your business. 

1. Leaf Cleanup

Leaves and other autumn plant debris should be removed promptly. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also contribute to slippery conditions and pose a hazard to those walking into your business. Twigs, branches, and other types of debris will also need to be cleaned up after every winter storm. Your landscaping service will keep everything nice and cleaned up so that fallen leaves won't pose a liability concern. 

2. Bed Management

If your business campus has flower beds, they can look quite sparse and unwelcoming come winter. A good landscaping company will be able to mitigate this so the beds are beautiful year-round. In milder climates, this can be done with cold-season foliage plants that continue to grow through winter. In colder climates, your landscapers may simply mulch the empty beds to give them a finished look. Alternatively, they can put in perennial grasses, like fountain grass, that maintains visual interest even in winter dormancy. 

3. Snow Removal

Snow on sidewalks and pathways is a major fall risk that leaves your business liable for any injuries caused. The best way to counteract this is to make sure all walkways are kept clear, which is a task that landscapers can handle. They will also monitor snow loads on trees and shrubs so it can be removed if it becomes too heavy for the branches to support.

4. Holiday Services

The holiday season is a busy time for many businesses, and making sure your grounds reflect the spirit of the season can make your business more inviting to potential customers. Many landscaping services now offer holiday decorating packages where they will put up lights and other decor for you, and then they will take it down once the season passes. 

5. Winterization Tasks

Depending on your climate and the types of plants in your landscaping, it may be necessary to take specific steps to make sure they survive the cold season. Evergreen trees may need to be wrapped in burlap to protect them from desiccating winds, for example. Fountains and water features will need to be drained and protected from freezing. In milder climates where temperatures are often above freezing, some irrigation may be needed for evergreen plants.

Contact a commercial landscaping service for year-round maintenance of your grounds. For more information on commercial landscaping, contact a professional near you.