4 In-Ground Pool Landscaping Planning Tips

When it comes to the state of your lawn, the aftermath of an inground pool build is nothing shy of a catastrophe. So, naturally, once the pool is complete, landscaping becomes the next thing on the list. You might be surprised to discover that pool landscaping is not simply about choosing what you think looks best; your landscaping should also be functional. 

1. Minimize Pool Cleaning

Being a pool owner means that you must clean your pool, but if you do not landscape with functionality in mind, you will have to clean more often than you anticipated. One of the best things you can do is install a concrete or hardscape border, such as gravel around the pool. You never want to have grass directly against the pool. Each time you walk on the grass and into the pool or cut the grass, it will end up in the water. 

2. Keep Insects Away

Unless you want to spend most of your time inside the pool fighting off insects, you should be mindful of what you plant around the pool. The reason this step is so important is that certain plants attract insects. Take something as beautiful as honeysuckle, for example. While they are beautiful, they are a favorite of bees, so planting them near the pool would mean a constant battle with bees. 

3. Avoid Unnecessary Damage

One of the more important aspects to think about is keeping the pool in good condition. A significant threat to an inground pool is tree root systems that grow into the outer shell of the pool, cause pressure, and eventually lead to potentially damaging cracks. For this reason, it is best to contact a residential landscaping contractor who can tell you which type of trees with aggressive root systems to avoid and how far away from the pool to plant them.

4. Keep the Pool the Focus

Particularly if you have younger children or pets, a good rule of thumb is to keep the pool the primary focus as it creates a safer environment. For example, don't plant a line of large bushes that would obstruct your view from the house to the pool, as you will be unable to see into the pool unobstructed. Ideally, from every angle in the yard, you should be able to see the pool clearly.

Fortunately, you do not have to tackle this process on your own. Reach out to a residential landscape contractor who can help you achieve landscaping that is beautiful and functional.