Five Reasons to Remove a Tree From a Property

A tree removal project may sound like a pretty dramatic alteration of a property. Many folks will only seek tree removal services if they feel there is no alternative. Every tree, though, will eventually meet its demise, and there are compelling reasons why you should see a tree to its end under controlled circumstances. If you're faced with one of these 5 situations, removing a tree may be the best available option.


One of the simplest arguments for tree removal is to protect nearby trees and other plants. This is true especially if a tree is infested. You may need to remove it to stop providing a host.

Some infestations may also pose threats to structures. If a tree has termites, for example, the colony will likely use the tree as a staging area for eventually getting at nearby houses and other buildings.

Poisoning Other Plants

People tend to think of trees as relatively passive, even by the already supposed tranquility of plants. However, some trees poison the area around them. The black walnut tree, for example, is notorious for preventing other plants from growing in its domain. If you're trying to plant in the area, you may have to remove the tree and amend the soil. Likewise, the lack of other plant growth can make the zone problematic if it's prone to erosion. You may need to remove the tree and revive the area to prevent bigger problems.

Extreme Growth

Every tree species has an inherent limit to its growth ability. A few species grow extremely tall. As they do so, however, they can reach the limits of their ability to sustain themselves. Trimming may be an option, but some older trees won't take well to it. As the tree's health declines, it can become a threat to property and people. There is also the potential that a major windstorm will push the tree over and cause significant damage.


While not as compelling as the other arguments on this list, there are times when trees can ruin the view. A tree that's malformed, for example, might not look the best. Similarly, you may want to thin out a tree line to open up the view. Tree removal work can go a long way to making a property look nicer.


Some trees, even if they're healthy, can be impractical. You might have power and communication lines on the property. Trimming sometimes works, but it can be ugly. Also, it's not the permanent solution that you may need.

Ask a tree removal services professional for advice before removing trees under these circumstances, though. They may need to coordinate with utilities and neighbors.