Too Busy To Care For Your Yard? How A Lawn Care Service Can Help You

If you are too busy to take care of your yard, you need to get some help. A yard with a lawn that looks unkempt or dead can affect the aesthetics of your home. Fortunately, you can hire a lawn care services company to help you transform your lawn.

Fertilize the Lawn

One thing a lawn care service can do is fertilize your grass. This is especially true if the grass is not lush and green. After they fertilize your lawn, they will water it. Watering the lawn is important as this will remove any fertilizer that is stuck on the grass blades and cause the fertilizer to go into the soil.  

The lawn care service will determine the type of fertilizer your lawn needs. They can apply the fertilizer in a variety of ways. One way is using a rotary spreader which is often used for large lawns. They fill a hopper with the fertilizer and move the hopper back and forth over the lawn until it is completely covered. They will be careful when doing this so they will not overlap fertilizer in any areas. 

A drop spreader may be used if the lawn is average or small-sized. This spreader is on wheels and has a handle that you push much like a push lawnmower. The fertilizer is placed inside the spreader and the spreader is walked over the lawn to distribute the fertilizer. When finished, the lawn care service will water the lawn to help the fertilizer go into the soil. 

Fertilizing your lawn offers many benefits, such as reducing weeds, improving growth, protecting the soil, improving appearance, and improving growth. 

Aerate the Soil

If the lawn care service determines the soil is compacted this will prevent proper grass growth. The grass is also more prone to harmful insects and diseases. Lawn aeration allows new grass to grow healthy and helps nutrients absorb into the soil much better. Aerating also helps improve drainage after it rains and allows air to get into the soil. 

There are different ways the lawn care service can aerate your soil. There are spike aerators in which the aerator uses spikes to put holes in the soil. This is commonly used for smaller lawns. Slicing aerators are another type the lawn care service may use. This type has rotating blades that slice or cut through the lawn and then into the soil. 

Many lawn care service companies use a plug or core aerator. Hollow times are used to punch holes into the soil. As the aerator is moved over the grass, it leaves plugs of the soil sitting on top of the lawn. These plugs will break down on their own.    

Talk to the lawn care services about other ways they can help you with your lawn.