Landscape Design Improvements And Maintenance For An Attractive Yard

The appearance of your yard and property landscaping has a direct effect on how your home looks, whether it is old or new. With the right management of your landscaping and its setup, you can keep it looking attractive no matter the season. Here are some landscape improvements you can use to make your yard look more well-designed and maintained.

Maintain Edging

The edging materials that you have installed throughout your yard are there to help keep vegetation and mulch materials in their place and to also give your landscaping a neat appearance. With clean-cut edges and straight rows, your vegetation will look like it has a design and has been placed and manicured for a specific look. Haphazard edging or edging materials that have become crooked, sunken into soil and vegetation, or broken apart will only make your yard look messy and unkempt. So be sure to take some time in the spring, summer, or fall when the soil is soft to put your yard's edging back into place.

If your edging is concrete blocks or garden bricks, remove the crooked edging and excavate the area for the piece to sit properly into the soil. The edging should sit with a majority of its height within the soil and with a small portion protruding from the soil. Be sure you don't set the edging piece to sit too far high up over the soil that it will become damaged by your mower. 

If your edging is vinyl or plastic edging that has begun to decompose or crack apart, remove it and look to replace it with a more durable material, such as metal, stone, rock, brick, or concrete. These materials will give your landscaping borders a more attractive and visual division between your landscaping areas and will be more durable at the same time.

Update Mulch and Soil Health

As you are working on the border edges of your landscaping areas, this is also a good time to update your mulch materials. Organic mulch, made of wood chips, pine straw, and other decomposable materials, will break down to benefit your soil's nutrient components. But to keep the surface of your soil looking rich and colorful, you should add a new layer of mulch to your bedding areas. You can complete this project in the spring and the fall to supplement your edging borders, and you can add in some color with tinted mulch that comes in a variety of colors.

For more information about landscape design, contact a local landscaping service.