Four Spring Lawn Care Tips

If you are getting ready for spring lawn care, make sure you know what needs to be done. Your lawn service can help you get your grass off to a healthy start.

1. Initial Cleanup

After a long winter, your lawn likely needs some cleanup before the spring mowing and maintenance season can begin. This may mean raking up leaves and fallen branches from the winter and fall before. Even if the lawn is clear of debris, though, there could be something hiding just below the surface if it has been several years since you have had a full professional service. Thatch is dead grass that collects just on top of the soil, where it forms a mat that prevents moisture and nutrient penetration into the soil. A lawn service can dethatch your yard in spring so that the grass gets off to a healthy start.

2. Timing and Frequency 

You generally don't need to schedule lawn mowing in spring until the grass begins to grow and has put on at least an inch of new growth. This is usually about the time that average daily temperatures stop dipping below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can vary slightly depending on your location and the type of grass you have. Once you begin mowing for the season, you need to schedule your service regularly. Most lawn services mow weekly, but if your lawn grows slowly, perhaps due to cool weather, schedule biweekly or for when the grass is at least 1 inch too long.

3. Aeration Needs

After regular mowing has begun, aeration may be necessary. This is especially the case if you have clay or hard-packed soil. Your lawn service will use a core aerator to pull out plugs of soil, which will open up the ground to allow moisture, air, and nutrients down to the roots. Aeration needs to be done every one to three years, depending on your soil type and how easily it compacts.

4. Edging Benefits

Finally, when considering the extra services your lawn mowing service offers, don't overlook edging. Edging creates a crisp edge on the lawn where the grass meets paving or other parts of the landscaping. It doesn't just look nice, it can prevent damage to paving since the grass won't try to grow over it. Further, the edges of your lawn are more prone to weed incursion, which a crisp edge helps to prevent.

Contact a lawn mowing service in your area to learn more about getting started this spring.