Want To Use Less Water? 3 Landscaping Changes To Make

Once you became a homeowner, you may have started taking on extra expenses, including the water bill. If you know that you are going to live in your house for a long time, you may look forward to the possibility of improving the home and reducing your recurring expenses.

If you want to use less water throughout your landscaping, you will find that you can enjoy great and reliable success by getting help from professional landscapers.

Irrigation System

If you are watering everything by hand, you may end up using more water than you need to for a variety of reasons. Keeping the hose going while transitioning from one area to another leads to unnecessary water usage, and overwatering certain areas will not improve plant health. These are things that you can avoid when you install an irrigation system for the entire landscape.

A major advantage of this system is that you can make sure it waters everything efficiently, which means all the grass, plants, and trees will get just enough water to stay healthy.

Native Plants

Another option for reducing how much water you need to use throughout your landscape is incorporating more native plants. Many native plants will thrive on their own without the need to do any extra watering since they will get the water they need from natural rainfall. Even if they need watering on occasion, you can look forward to major water savings over nonnative plants.


If you are willing to cover some of your landscape in mulch, you should start making plans to do so because it will lead to noticeable water savings. Creating mulch beds around the house is an excellent idea because you can eliminate the need for an irrigation system in this area.

If you want to add color and greenery in the mulch beds, you can grow a handful of native plants. These plants will have an easier time growing due to not having to deal with weed growth nearby. This will happen because weeds will have nowhere to grow with mulch surrounding the whole area.

Another advantage of avoiding weed problems is that you can make sure all the water that you use in the mulch bed area goes directly to the plants you want to keep healthy.

Working with landscape professionals and taking on these kinds of projects will help you make several improvements with water efficiency throughout your landscape. Contact a company like Estate Landscape to learn more.