Tips To Make Your Yard's Landscaping Look Great This Season

Your yard's landscaping can make an impressive difference on the appearance of your entire property, and, in the spring, it might be a little worse-for-wear. Whether your yard's landscaping contained now-dead plants from last year, or you never got around to adding the type of vegetation you want or need in your yard, now is a great time to get your landscaping where it needs to be. Here are some tips to make your yard, and its landscaping, look great this year.

Don't Over-Plant Landscaping Flowers and Plants

It can be easy to go overboard on the amount of plants, flowers, and trees you want to plant into your yard. When you are met with all the variety of beautiful and interesting vegetation you can add to your yard, the plant options online and in stores can be overwhelming. This can make it tempting to plant too many of them.

Keep in mind the amount of plants you add into your bedding and garden areas can increase the amount of work you will need to do to keep them looking great. For example, if you plant  a variety of flowers and plants within your bedding spot, you will need to keep up on watering the area, which will promote additional weed growth. And, with all the weeds growing, you will need to pull them individually by hand or carefully apply weed killer. You will also need to individually trim up any grasses, rose bushes, or shrubbery that will grow out of its space. If you do want a lot of plants, but are worried about the time, consider landscaping services that might be able to minimize your load. 

Instead, select a manageable number of landscape plants that will fill in your bedding areas but still be manageable to care for. Look to apply a layer of mulch materials to the soil to protect the soil against moisture evaporation and to help keep the weed growth minimized. You can also talk to your local landscaper about recommendations, or hire their services, to help you keep up on your bedding plants.

Consider the Mulch You Use

Mulch is a great addition to your yard's landscaping, but be sure the type of mulch you select is safe for your landscaping and your yard. Some types of mulch contain chemicals to color or treat them that eventually work their way down into your soil. And, if you are planting vegetables and other produce in your yard, this can put the chemicals into your garden plants, making them non-organic.

Look for a non-chemically treated mulch for your vegetable garden, or a mulch that comes directly from locally-chipped wood. But be careful you don't accept wood chipped from certain types of trees, as they can contain chemicals that are naturally present. For example, walnut tree mulch and mulch made from pine trees can contain toxins that are harmful to your landscaping plant growth. Your landscaper can provide you with a non-toxic healthy supply for your yard. 

Talk to a landscaper like Affordable Services Inc to learn more about getting your perfect yard.