Tips to Help Simplify Your Yard Care & Landscaping Tasks

As soon as the weather begins to warm up in spring, the number of outside tasks that need your attention increase each day. From fertilizing and mowing the lawn to straightening your landscape border curbing, it can take a great deal of your free time handling every single task. Here are some tips to make your landscaping and yard care an easier task this summer.

Order Bulk Landscaping Materials

When you need new products for your landscaping and your yard, you may likely need them in large amounts. This includes any type of ground covering material, decorative rock, sod, or mulch. You usually need to cover a large area to improve your yard's overall appearance, so ordering it in a large delivery helps you have sufficient supply on hand and can also help you get a good deal on the cost.

Talk to local services like Mulch for You for their prices if you ordered materials in bulk. Look for orders that include delivery so you can save on time and effort when hauling it and getting it into your yard. For example, when you need to replace your landscaping bark mulch with new in the spring, you can order the right amount to cover your landscaping soil. The landscaping company will deliver it to your yard and deposit it into an accessible area for you to move it into place.

If you are ordering a bulk delivery of landscaping materials, be sure to match the new order of material with what you have existing. This will make sure your new materials will blend in well to fill in bare spots where the soil may be peeking out from behind your thinning landscaping materials.

Install an Automated Sprinkler System

Just because your yard includes a large expanse of lawn does not mean you have installed an automatic sprinkler system. There are many homeowners who have nice landscaped yards and lush, green lawns but do not have an in-ground sprinkler system or one that is set up on a programmable timer.

If you are a homeowner who sets out and rotates several times each week a sprinkler to water every corner of your lawn, this task is taking up a great deal of your spare time. And planning your day around watering your lawn can be difficult to make sure you are home to rotate the sprinkler or turn off the water.

Consider installing a sprinkler set-up on a programmable timer, either in-ground or above ground. Talk to your landscape professional about their pricing and their recommendations for a set-up in your yard. They will likely need to measure the PSI of your home's water supply to adequately proportion the water supply to a number of sprinklers on each zone.