Caring for Your Lawn: Regular Landscape Maintenance You Should Consider

You want your lawn to stay green and full all season long, and this requires more than simple watering and mowing. You need to be able to meet the needs of your yard in order to keep it healthy. Here are regular landscaping-maintenance needs you should think about when it comes to caring for your property.

Weed removal

Simply cutting down thistles, dandelions, and quack grass when you mow your lawn won't eliminate the problem. In fact, mowing down weeds can actually make them worse by spreading their seeds to other areas of your yard. Hire a lawn-care service to remove stubborn thistles and other weeds that are difficult to remove, such as yarrow or morning glory. Since these weeds can crowd out healthy grass and take over your lawn, it's important to act quickly as soon as they first start creeping up into your yard.

Healthy grass

Re-seeding your grass in the early spring or late fall is an excellent way to prepare your lawn for a healthy grass production as the new season approaches. Areas of your yard that are affected by traffic or lack of sunlight should be given special attention. This includes borders along your fence line, under pine trees (where shade and needles can kill grass), and areas where pets or children play. Simply spread seed evenly over existing grass and water in the tiny grains of seed a few times a day until you see growth.

Fresh cuts

Any lawn-care service will tell you that healthy grass starts with a fresh cut. This means using a sharpened blade cut at an angle to prevent your grass from tearing while it is being mowed. If you think this isn't an issue, think again. Look at your existing grass and see how the tops of the blades are yellow and ragged. This is due to poor cutting of your lawn mower and can lead to a lackluster yard. A green yard is one that has free blade tips on each piece of grass, and caring for your lawn mower and keeping its cutting components sharp can make all the difference.

If you don't have time to take care of your lawn yourself, a landscaper or lawn-care service company such as Glaciers Edge Maintenance can be hired to take care of your lawn for you a few times a week or month. This small investment can help you preserve your property and keep your lawn beautiful for years.