Getting To Green: Fertilizing, Cutting, And Regular Watering To Make Your Yard Look Great

If you are trying to get your yard to look beautiful, it's going to take you some time and perseverance. Harsh weather conditions, lack of water, too much shade and grub infestations can all make growing a great looking lawn difficult. Getting a good yard starts with planting the right grass for either shade partial sun, or full sun. Then you have to have a solid plan for fertilizing your yard throughout the season. Next you have to cut your yard regularly, but not too short and at the right time of day. Lastly, you have to make sure that your yard gets adequate water in order to grow properly. When you want a green lawn, it helps to develop a solid plan of attack.

Choosing Your Grass Seed

If you have areas in your yard that are bald and patchy, this could be a problem with the grass seed that has been used on your lawn. If you have many trees in your yard, you will have to invest in grass seed that grows well in the shade. If your yard has too much sunlight, grass seed meant for full sun yards should be used. Don't be afraid to use a variety of grass seed in different areas of your yard if there are great differences in the amount of sun one area receives over another.

Set Up a Fertilization Schedule

In general, your yard should be fertilized in the early spring, at the start of summer, during the growing season and in the fall. Your yard needs nutrients in order to grow properly, and most fertilizer companies have developed a system for fertilizing your yard effectively. Choose a fertilizer, and follow the recommendations made by the manufacturer. 

Take Care of Problems Right Away

If you think you have a grub problem, you probably do. Grubs eat grass roots, causing the grass above to die. You will notice odd patches in your yard, sometimes with holes made by skunks or other animals who like to feed off grubs. This problem can be fixed with an insecticide to remove grubs, and it should be applied as soon as you see that you have a problem with grubs. If crab grass grows in one area, the area should also be sprayed so that healthy grass can grow in its place.

Invest in a Sprinkler System

Regular water is essential for your grass to grow properly. A sprinkler system can make the difference between a dry, burnt lawn, and a green, lush lawn that you can enjoy. For more information, talk to a professional like Wagner SOD Company.