Have A Tree Blocking A Water View? Remove It To Maximize The Property's Value

When a homeowner makes drastic improvements to their landscape, going from barren to beautiful, they can expect a 7% to 19% increase in their property's value. This includes the grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees, so it is natural that trees play an important role in this achievement. But, a water view can provide your property with an increase in value that ranges between 15% and 20%. It cannot come with obstructions such as commercial buildings, homes, hills, or mature trees. If you have this problem, you should think about removing the tree to end up with a home that is higher valued and more appealing.

No Other Way to Enjoy a Beautiful View

Trimming a tree might do a lot to fix the problematic view that you have in your backyard. But, it is not a permanent solution, so you will need to continuously trim the tree every year to regain some of the view. Despite your best efforts to keep the tree and enjoy the view, most home buyers are interested in buying a home with an incredible view, as opposed to having a healthy tree that blocks out some of their view.

Move the Tree Elsewhere in the Yard

It depends on when you are looking to sell the home, but you can actually transplant a large tree. If it is healthy and there is enough room in the yard, you can gain the view and maximize the value increase. The process is ideally started about six months before you intend on moving it. The main step involves pruning the roots, which will prepare the tree so that it does not go into an unrecoverable state after moving.

Sell the Tree If It Is Valuable

When you do not want the tree to stay on the property or there is a lack of space, you may be able to sell the tree when it is removed. A tree that is typically a nuisance to have may not desirable, especially if the wood itself is not highly valued when it comes to furniture construction. Some of the most-wanted trees include black cherry and black walnut because the wood is desirable for construction purposes.

Quickly removing a tree from blocking a view is an easy way to solve the problem. But, looking at potentially moving it or even selling it can provide you with an even better outcome to the situation. For more questions about removing or transplanting the tree, contact a professional at Outdoor Service Inc.