A Few Tips For Maintaining Your Business's Landscaping

Creating the perfect yard for your business will require you to understand some of the basics of landscaping, but this is an important task for making the property attractive to potential customers. Unfortunately, it can be especially common for new business owners to not possess the experience needed to know how to handle these issues. For these individuals, following these basic landscaping tips may help to avoid some particularly common issues.

Mark The Shaded Areas

When you are choosing plants for the property, you will need to make sure to pay attention to their sunlight requirements. It's easy to overestimate the amount of sun that some areas of the property will receive. To help you to better understand the amount of sun that your property receives, you may want to mark the areas that receive shade. When doing this, you should check the yard throughout the day and use tape, rocks or a lawn ornament to mark the boundary of any shaded areas. By reviewing these markings, you will be able to ensure that you are playing plants where their sunlight needs can be met.

Plan To Repair Bald Spots In The Lawn

You may notice that areas of your lawn are developing bald spots. These problems may not seem like anything more than a cosmetic issue, but they can expose the property to the risk of developing erosion issues. To prevent these bald spots from spreading, you will likely want to patch them as quickly as possible.

When patching a bald spot in the lawn, you will want to remove any dead grass that may be present. Once this is done, you should apply a small amount of fresh topsoil to the bald spot before placing a sprinkling of grass seeds over it. To help keep the seeds in placed, you will want to sprinkle more topsoil over the top of them. Lastly, gently water them to help spur the germination process.

Scout The Yard For Drainage Issues

Drainage issues can be another common problem that can devastate a landscape. When water is unable to properly drain away, it can lead to large standing pools of water and uncontrolled erosion. Fortunately, drainage issues can be rather simple for you to repair as you can install French drains, gutters or drainage gravel to help the water flow away from these areas. If you are unsure of which option will be best for your yard's particular needs, you may want to have a professional landscaper evaluate your yard so that they can make a recommendation (or go online for additional reading).