Do You Decorate For Halloween Each Year? 3 Plants To Grow To Make Your Property Glow

Living in an area where you truly experience all four seasons can be quite magical. You may get used to it through the years, but the spring bloom, summer rain, fall colors, and winter snow is hard not to love. If you have a deep love for Halloween, you may have a massive collection of holiday decorations. Although you may have more than you could possibly need to make your home feel like a Halloween house, you may want to do something extra by incorporating festive plants into your landscape.

Fragrant Sumac

The fragrant sumac might not look like much at certain parts of the year, but as soon as fall comes around, you are going to have lovely yellow flowers and leaves in shades of orange and red. Although all of these colors may not be directly related to Halloween, you cannot go wrong with this addition to your home. They spread out well, so you do not need to plant or maintain a lot of them for visual influence.


Helenium flowers are another prime choice for your garden during fall. It is best to prioritize the Mardi Gras Helenium if you would like to get the standard orange color that is so known with Halloween. These plants have a wide range of hardiness zones ranging from 3 all the way to 9. With a 6 to 10-week bloom cycle ranging from the end of summer to the first frost of the year, Halloween is definitely covered. Just make sure to grow them in full sun if you expect them to have the greatest level of success. It is an ideal choice for growing around your front yard, which your guests will easily see on this fall holiday.

Pin Oak

If you have loved October 31st for many years, your love will likely remain for the rest of your life. So, it makes perfect sense to invest in long-term commitments when it comes to planting for Halloween. The pin oak is one example of a tree that looks exceptional throughout autumn. The zones are 4 to 8, so you should have no issue mixing in Helenium, regardless of whether you are in a high or low zone. Leaves that collect on the landscape floor will make your home look beautiful leading up to this colorful holiday.

If you want to maximize your enjoyment of Halloween, you should add these plants to your landscape. For more help, contact a business like Greg Boyer Landscape Corp.