Attract Birds To Your Yard With Beautiful Landscaping

One of the many attractions of having a large yard is being able to enjoy the flora and fauna. Perhaps the specific fauna you would like to enjoy is bird-life, the sights of different species making use of your landscaping. A yard that supplies food and nesting sites provides a year-round home for birds. Listen to the music of birdsong after creating a welcoming garden.

Corner Shade Trees

First of all, birds typically like to perch and nest up high. If you don't already have shade trees in your yard, plan on planting at least two or three in the corners. Any species of maple works well. Consider also columnar white pine, which grows up to 60 feet high. The soft needles are welcoming to birds year-round.

Shrub Screen

The next level for your bird-loving garden is a selection of pretty shrubs. These will go between the shade trees as a sort of screen, creating natural privacy in your yard. Crusader hawthorn and nannyberry viburnum are two shrubs that provide pretty flowers in the spring followed by summer fruit which birds like. According to All About Birds, northern bayberry and staghorn sumac are shrubs that produce bird-friendly fruit in the fall, so consider planting one or both of these to provide food later in the season. You can also utilize the shrubs to delineate spaces within a large yard.

Human Seating

While you're delineating spaces, don't forget to provide comfortable spots for humans. After all, one of the points of creating a bird-friendly garden is so you and your guests can enjoy the birds. Set up comfortable benches that have a good view of where the birds will nest or consume food. Don't place the benches too close, or your presence might scare off the birds. Consider providing shade for your benches with ornamental trees or an arbor. Crab apple and wild grape are both plantings that birds will enjoy while you're not in the seat.

Birdbath Mini Garden

While you're planning out landscaping for your large yard, make space for a mini garden that features a bird bath at the center. Make sure you place the birdbath so that it's clearly visible from the bench seating and/or the house. Surround it with pretty, bird-safe flowers such as black-eyed Susan, butterfly blue pincushion flower, fireworks goldenrod and coralbells. Add some ornamental grasses that the birds can use as nesting material. These include variegated maiden grass, cinnamon fern, sea oats grass and feather reed grass.  

Design your landscape to attract birds with trees for nesting, fruit for food and a birdbath for fun. Contact a business, such as Weiler's Lawn & Landscape for more information.