4 Benefits Of Tree Trimming

Having trees on your property adds beauty, as well as privacy and shade. But simply letting your trees grow without regular maintenance is a recipe for disaster. Overgrown trees can cause damage to your property and provide unwanted critters with access to your roof. Plus, untrimmed trees are more at risk for disease and may not live as long. Here are four major benefits of having your trees trimmed on a regular basis:

Removes Dead Limbs

Sometimes it's hard to tell from the ground if your tree is experiencing significant dead limbs and branches. Having your trees trimmed on a routine basis will ensure that dead limbs are removed in a timely manner. Since dead limbs are more likely to rot and fall off, potentially causing harm to your home or even injuring a family member, having them removed is very important. In addition, removing dead limbs can often improve the overall health of your tree and help prevent other limbs from dying.

Improves Tree Health

Having your trees trimmed keeps them healthy. Untrimmed trees often have overcrowded branches, criss-crossing each other and competing for sunlight and nutrients. By trimming your trees you ensure that adequate sunlight, rainfall, and nutrients get to the tree. Your trees will be healthier and more visually appealing at the same time. Plus, overcrowded trees are at a greater risk for tree disease.

Protects Your Roof

Having a tree trimming company like Treetime Inc remove unruly branches and trim back your trees helps protect your roof since after trimming there is much less risk of branches falling onto your roof during a storm. In addition, trimming your trees eliminates ways for squirrels and other creatures to get onto your roof, where they can cause damage to the roof itself and even get into your attic to wreak havoc on your wiring and drywall.

Great for Fruit Trees

Regular tree trimming is especially important for any fruit trees you have on your property. Trimmed fruit trees will typically yield more fruit, and the fruit itself will also be larger and of better quality. If you've been disappointed with your harvest of apples, plums, or other fruit, try having your fruit trees professionally pruned and trimmed once a year.

By hiring a professional tree trimming service, you can experience these benefits for yourself without the dangers associated with attempting to climb up on a ladder and trim your trees yourself.