Want Artificial Grass? 4 Tips To Avoid Long-Term Damage After Installation

Real grass is not that difficult to maintain, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain. But, this does not mean it is the right thing to cover your entire yard. If you have done your research on artificial grass, understand the benefits, and know that it is the kind of lawn you want on your property, the next thing you want to do is learn how you can avoid long-term damage to artificial grass.

Be Cautious of Equipment and Furniture

Artificial grass is not going to die on you, but it can take damage, especially from heavy equipment and furniture. It is best to avoid putting such items directly onto the grass. Your main concern should be objects with sharp edges, especially with the feet of furniture as they can easily pierce the turf itself. Motorcycles and vehicles are also off limits as they will lead to tearing.

Get the Right Brush for Maintenance

Brushing is something that you will have to do to keep up with maintenance. It is used to loosen up dirt and leaves that may have settled into the turf. However, you do not want to get a metal brush as it can quickly lead to turf damage. It is still necessary to get a strong material for successful loosening, but you can get that with a brush made of synthetic material like nylon. An alternative is to use a brush designed for carpets, which can provide you with similar results.

Pressure Wash for a Deep Clean

Artificial turf will get dirty, and one of the easiest ways to clean it is to hose it off. But, this is not going to be effective enough for a deep cleaning, so you will need a pressure washer to do the trick. Although you can rent a pressure washer for about $75, you may want to buy one for regular deep cleaning. It is best to keep the nozzle a foot or so away from the turf to avoid excessive pressure that causes damage.

Do Your Grilling Elsewhere

If you love grilling in the backyard on summer days, you should watch where you put the grill. The grill itself, open flames, and oil can all cause damage to artificial turf. So, the best solution is to do your grilling elsewhere, preferably somewhere you do not have to carry food across the turf to get to the grill.

Artificial turf is great, but it becomes even better when you know how to keep it in excellent shape.