A Few Basic Maintenance Tips For Your Landscape Sprinkler System That Will Save You Money

If you have a sprinkler system that waters your lawn and landscaping, it is important you perform regular maintenance on it to protect your investment. If the sprinkler heads are clogged, that area won't get the water it needs and anything planted there will wither and die. This is a waste of money. To keep the yard looking the way you like, you will need to spend more money to replace what has died. On the other hand, if the sprinkler heads have broken off, you are wasting water as it spews out of the pipes, increasing your water bill. Too much water can also drown anything planted so they will need to be replaced as well. Here are a few other tips that will save you money and keep your yard looking good. 

Turned Sprinkler Heads

Sometimes a head will turn so that instead of spraying water where you need it, it sprays onto the sidewalk or driveway, or at the foundation of the house. As you turn on the system, or when it comes on automatically, take a few minutes to watch where the water is going. If you notice it is aimed at the wrong place, go out and adjust the sprinkler head. This will save water, keep the grass watered, and prevent water from seeping into the concrete and causing damage that may be costly to repair.

Low Pressure

If you notice that a certain section of the yard seems to have a lower water pressure than the rest of the yard it needs looked into. There could be a leak in the pipes under the ground. Walk around the yard and see if the area just before the low-pressure area has a wet or soggy spot. This would be a good indication of a leaky pipe. Carefully dig up the wet area to find the leak and replace the pipe. This could save you from having a large water bill.

Do not let something as simple as a sprinkler head cost you money. Although your sprinklers might come on automatically with a timer, you still need to go out and watch how they spray on a regular basis. Don't wait until you have a big water bill or parts of your yard are looking shabby. Find any problems and fix them quickly and you will be able to keep more money in your pocket to spend on other things.