How To Decorate An Enclosed Patio With A Garden Theme

If you are a person who loves the outdoors, it will be fun for you to bring the beauty found in nature right into your enclosed patio. In a way, decorating with a garden theme can almost be like landscaping your yard. 

The Ground - Just as you would probably begin your outdoor landscaping with ground cover, begin your patio decorating by selecting the type of floor that will set an outdoor mood. A paver patio would be a great choice. Choose from the look of wood or the look of brick or tile which will go well with the garden decor you will select. The company where you purchase your pavers can install them in a very short time. However, you certainly don't have to be a professional to do the job yourself. They come all ready to join together and, once they are in place, they will be very easy for you to maintain them. Pavers are also very comfortable to walk on as they have non-slip surfaces.

The Furniture - Think about how you will be using the enclosed patio. Will you be doing a lot of entertaining in that space? If so, think about including a table and chairs where you and your guests can have meals together. Rattan and wicker would both be really nice in a patio with a garden theme. Perhaps you'll be using your enclosed patio mostly for relaxation. In that case, wooden rocking chairs would be perfect. Enhance them with cushions that feature flowers, birds, butterflies, and anything else you would find in your garden.

The Decor - Think of original items you can put on your walls. For example, a collection of watering cans hanging from decorative hooks would be real conversation starters. Bird houses and bird cages, both on the walls and on tabletops, would definitely lend themselves to a garden theme. Create groupings of decorative birds and hand painted pots with real or artificial flowers in them to add color to the room. The sound of water will also bring the outdoors into your enclosed patio. Water fountains will provide that sound very nicely. Look for throw rugs in the shape of different kinds of flowers and place them in different areas of the room.

Spend some time in your home garden to get ideas that can be incorporated into your new enclosed patio. It's a good idea to make notes of things you want to include in your design so you can refer to them as you decorate.