Edible Landscapes Are All The Rage

Landscaping with edibles is everywhere you look nowadays. It's not unusual to find front yards full of edible groundcovers, fruit trees and sometimes even vegetables replacing turf grass as people become more excited about growing their own food.

The Changing Paradigm

While you may have grown up with the notion that public yard areas were only for ornamental use, now homeowners are looking at more ways to incorporate food into their landscapes. With housing lots getting smaller, gardeners find that they must use their limited space wisely. Gardens are less formal now, and homeowners want them to be useful as well as beautiful.

Front Yard Vegetables Becoming More Common

Breaking with long-held traditions can be hard, especially if you run up against restrictive property use laws and restrictive neighborhood rules about where and how you can landscape your yard. Many municipalities and other entities are backing down and allowing gardens in front yards as long as they don't become an eyesore. Your local landscaper will know all the laws and regulations regarding growing food in your yard.

Edible Plants Can Be Beautiful

There are many edible plants that are as ornamental as they are useful. Just a few of these are:

  • Jerusalem artichoke - These relatives of sunflowers grow towering fall-blooming stems of sunshiny yellow daisy-like flowers. When the stalks die down in the winter, you simply dig the roots,set a few aside to replant, and you have a never ending supply of an expensive organic root crop.
  • Flowering fruit trees - Cherries, pears, peaches and plums all come in varieties that have absolutely stunning spring flower displays while summer brings on the luscious fruits for eating or preserving.
  • Chives and society garlic - Both of these members of the onion family have beautiful flowers and are often used in landscapes just for that. The bonus is that the leaves, flowers and bulbs are all edible. Rose growers often grow chives around their roses to control aphids.
  • Passion flower - There are several varieties of passion flowers that produce edible fruit while also dressing up your yard with lovely flowering vines.
  • Creeping oregano or thyme - If you need a rapid-growing ground cover for your garden, think of these two very useful and delicious herbs.

If you would like to move toward an edible landscape, ask your trusted local landscaping company about how to go about it within the laws of your community. They can recommend edibles that can be hidden in plain site to keep you legal and happy with your garden.

For more information, contact Outdoor Solutions Landscaping or a similar company.