Steps To Take When Buying Land For Home Construction

When you decide to build on a vacant lot or another piece of undeveloped land, you need to plan differently than when you buy an existing house. The preparations for construction are more intricate but also can be more rewarding. You get to enjoy a home that is designed with just your needs in mind. Before you make that leap, make certain to thoroughly plan for the construction.

Topographical Survey

Before you purchase any property, you need to have it surveyed to determine actual boundary lines, encroachments, easements, and other potential problems. When you purchase a parcel of land, you need to have a more thorough topographical survey done. These surveys note natural and manmade features and focus on elevation more than boundaries. These issues are important because you need to know the best places to build in relation to drainage and support. If you do not do your homework properly before building, your home may suffer from excessive settling, causing cracks and instability in your home's foundation. You can also have problems with flooding and other serious issues. 

Building Codes

Before buying a parcel of land, you also need to investigate all the pertinent building regulations and codes. You need to ascertain whether your municipality even allows for the type of structure you are planning. In addition, there may be requirements concerning how high your home can be and how far the building must be from the street and the homes next door. You will need to know any restrictions on power lines or other utility construction. If a homeowner's association is involved, you will need to know their rules as well before proceeding. 


If the property is truly undeveloped, you may need to build a private road or driveway simply to get access to the property. These projects will also need clearance from local or county governments. Remember that you will be responsible for maintenance on these private entrances, an expense you need to include in your budget. Even if a private road already exists in the area, you may be expected to share the repair and maintenance expenses.

Buying and building on vacant lots or undeveloped property offer more complications than simply purchasing an already existing home. To prevent delays and unplanned expenses, make certain that you have done extensive research on the property, including having a topographical survey done. The preparation for buying this land may be time-consuming, but it is absolutely necessary to protect you from serious issues in the future. 

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