3 Green Yard Irrigation Solutions That Help You Save And Keep Plants Healthy

Watering your lawn is essential if you want it to stay green and to have healthy plants in your landscaping. The conventional solution for this is to use a lawn sprinkler system, but this can cause several problems for your lawn, such as wasted water, as well as problems like burning plants when watering at the wrong times of day. To reduce irrigation problems and keep your lawn healthy, you may want to consider greener irrigation solutions, such as soaker hoses and drip irrigation. You may even want to add rain water collection systems or reuse grey water from your appliances. You may want to try some of these solutions to give your yard greener landscaping:

1. Soaker Hoses That Prevent Water Waste And Keep Soils Moist

Soaker hoses are a type of irrigation system that work with a perforated hose that is placed in the area where irrigation is needed. The hoses have water flowing through them that seeps out of the hose. The design of this type of irrigation solution gives a constant supply of moisture to plants and prevent problems like dry soil. Hoses can also be buried beneath your lawn to provide constant water without sprinklers.

2. Give Plants The Water They Need, Where It Is Needed With Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation gives you the choice of where water is used with the addition of nozzles to a pipe. These nozzles have small holes in them that allow water to drip and irrigate your plants. Drip systems can be a great solution for plants in flower beds that do not need to be watered like your lawn. This can be a good solution of you want to have a gravity operated system that uses water from a storage tank, such as those used with rain collection systems.

3.  Monitor Water Usage And Weather For Better Irrigation Of Your Lawn

Keeping track of your water usage can be a good way to plan how you irrigate your lawn. This can be done with common tools like rain gauges, which can allow you to monitor rain levels and where you garden gets the most water. Weather stations that can be connected to your sprinkler system are also available, which can give the system information for more efficient irrigation.

Having a green lawn does not mean that your water bill has to go through the roof. You can contact a yard irrigation service and talk with them about green irrigation solutions, as well as other improvements that can help keep your lawn green and reduce wasting water. To learn more, contact a yard irrigation company like Boehm Landscape Inc