Why Simply Mowing Your Lawn Isn't Enough

Your lawn is an ecosystem all of its own. It can be susceptible to many elements that can harm and even destroy it, and requires much more comprehensive care than just a simple mowing. It's important to find a lawn maintenance company that not only mows your lawn, but provides total lawn care services.

Moisture Control

Lawn grasses are rapid-growing plants that need water in large volumes, with some turf grasses requiring more than others. For example, St. Augustine is what is called a "thirsty grass," while Bahia is so drought tolerant, it is planted on the shoulders and medians of highways. Making sure your lawn gets the proper amount of water depends on factors such as climate, soil, and even the topography of your yard. For example, standing water can make grass susceptible to fungus that can destroy your lawn, while a malfunctioning sprinkler system can cause your lawn to die of thirst. Hire a lawn care company that can assess and help you correct moisture problems to ensure your lawn stays healthy.

Insects and Disease

Your lawn maintenance company should be able to recognize some problems while they are mowing so they can further investigate later. Brown patches of dead grass caused by insects such as chinch bugs, a grey furry appearance that may indicate fungus, or moths flying out of the grass when the mower goes through are all signs of insects and disease that need treatment. If your lawn care company is on the ball, it will spot and make you aware of potentially devastating problems before they get out of control.

Animal Damage

If you've ever had a neighbor who lets their pets use your lawn as a bathroom, you'll recognize not only the smell but the death of the damaged grass. Your lawn care company can patch the turf so you'll never know it was damaged, and recommend barriers and deterrents to keep those pesky pets away. Animal damage can also sometimes be a sign of insect damage, such as when you find holes pecked into your lawn where birds have been digging to find grubs. Squirrels, chipmunks, moles and other four-legged pests can be easily spotted by a professional who knows what they're looking for and how to solve the problem.

Mowing your grass is important, but not allowing your lawn care company to diagnose and solve problems can cost you more than you will save in the long run. Talk to a lawn professional, such as Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., about a comprehensive lawn care package that works to protect your investment.