Want An Easy Yard Face Lift? A Simple Guide To Building A Flower Bed

Adding a flower bed to your landscape plan is a quick and inexpensive way to add color, texture and visual interest to any yard. You can plan and install a flower bed in as little as two weekends with a medium amount of effort. So, how can you make your own flower bed in any yard? Here's a step-by-step guide.

Plan the Bed 

First, you will want to spend some time planning out the shape, size and style of the bed before you put a single shovel into the ground. The easiest way to plan the layout of a garden is to simply lay out a garden hose in the shape you want. Pay attention to the size of the bed and how easy it is to reach the inside of the garden for maintenance. The flower bed should also be appropriately sized for the overall yard, being neither too small (which draws attention to how large the yard is) nor too large (overwhelming the space). Shape can also be important, since shapes add to the mood and style of the yard. 

Prepare the Area

Once you know exactly what the bed will look like, you can begin preparing the ground. If you want to make quick work of the job, you can dig out any existing grass or landscaping using a flat shovel. Clear several inches down, cleaning out roots, rocks, clumps or bad soil. 

If, on the other hand, you want to avoid the extra digging, you can clear the space using cardboard and newspaper. At the beginning of the season before you want to plant your flowers, lay down a layer of cardboard over the planned bed. Water the cardboard until it's saturated. On top of this layer, place about a half dozen pages of newspaper. These layers will kill the grass or weeds below. 

Above the cardboard and newspaper, pile about 6 inches of compost or a combination of compost and potting soil, then let it sit for the rest of the season. The compost and newspaper will decompose over the course of two or three months and help create a good base for your flowers to thrive. 

Structure the Bed

Now that the base of your flower bed is built, it's time to add structure and plant it. Create a border using brick, landscaping stone or wood timbers. Inside the border, build up your soil mixture to the desired height. For a more striking bed from a distance, for example, you may want to add more dirt to create a small hill. Take the time to install a drip irrigation system to make watering and caring for the flowers easier. Then, choose your favorite mix of flowers and start planting!

Making a flower garden is an easy way to give any yard a simple makeover. It's easy, cheap and something most homeowners can do on their own. If your garden bed is in a difficult location, is large or needs extra support (such as a retaining wall or different soil), you may want to consult with a professional landscaper from a company like Hickory Lane Farm's Nursery & Landscape LLC for additional help. Whether you do the project on your own or hire some help, the result will be a beautiful new addition to any yard.