Letting Your Personality Shine Through In Your Landscaping Choices

Depending on your personality type, you can incorporate your tastes and style into your landscaping plan. Let your personality shine through with a few accents and touches in your yard that speak to your interests and lifestyle. Depending on your personality type, here are four ways that you can make your yard unique by involving your personal needs and style.

1. The Entertainer

If you love having people over, enjoying the outdoors in the summer months with friends can be a fun alternative to being cooped up inside. Extending your entertaining space to your backyard can make your yard a fun place to share with others. Extending your patio to have an outdoor dining space can make your yard great for outdoor dinner parties. Study benches adorned with weather-resistant cushions can make this space inviting and comfy for outdoor get-togethers or a family night outside.

2. The Relaxer

If you envision yourself reading a book in your yard soaking in the sun as a way to relax, making your yard as serene as possible will be key. Fountains and ponds can bring the calming sound of running water to your space. Be sure to set up a hammock, chaise lounge, or seating area in your favorite spot in your yard. Work with your landscaper to take your yard a serene, restful place that will bring peace and comfort to your surroundings.

3. The Nurturer

If you truly do have a green thumb, you can keep your landscaping plans more active and involve plant life that can change with the seasons. By incorporating planter boxes throughout your yard, the space will look organized even if your plants and flowers are changing throughout the calendar. Having a larger space dedicated for gardening is a great way to grow fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs right in your backyard.

4. The Athlete

If you are into sports or have kids that love playing outside, it is a good idea to keep your yard space functional for these types of activities. Strike a balance between fully landscaped areas and having a larger yard for outdoor games and activities. Adding in a pool might be a great addition for your yard if you love to swim. Pools do take up space, but can be designed with landscaped features in mind to make this a functional yet lush space at the same time.

While the interior of your home might revolve around your personal needs, don't forget that your yard can do this as well with a little help from your landscaper. Your interests can shine through in your landscaping plans and still work with your outdoor setting to look stylish at the same time.