How To Create A Pretty Mini Garden

It's fun to have a landscaped yard, but a full garden can take a lot of work. Enter the mini garden. A mini garden is a little like a flower bed but with more landscaping involved. Mini gardens can serve as solutions to yard problems, such as a slope or shady corner, or they can become focal points within your yard. Create a pretty mini garden that satisfies your desire for landscaping and adds curb appeal to your home.

Select a Theme

The first step in planning a pretty mini garden is selecting a theme to drive plant and décor selection. If it's solving a slope or shady corner, that's your theme. However, you can also choose a mini garden for cooking, to attract butterflies, that resembles an English garden or any other type of landscaping that appeals to you. Note the key elements of the theme to help you decide on plants, such as roses for an English garden or your favorite herbs for the cook's garden.

Choose the Plants

Your theme helps you decide on the plants, but you also have to keep a couple other things in mind. First of all, select plants that thrive in your climate – there's no point in trying to grow a magnolia tree if late frost is an issue. Likewise, consider the specific location within your yard. Again, if you're solving an issue such as shade, sun-loving plants aren't the way to go. Additionally, ensure all the plants like the same kind of water and sun conditions so they thrive.

Vary the Sizes

One aspect that elevates the mini garden from a flower bed is the size – not just of the garden itself, but of the plants as well. Plan to include at least one large plant as an anchor, such as a shrub or even small ornamental tree. Likewise, vary the heights and widths of the plants as well. For example, look for a few tall flowers, sprawling groundcover and some plants in between.

Add Yard Décor

Another element that elevates your mini garden is the inclusion of yard décor. A small fountain or bird bath is an easy way to add a water feature to the small garden. A bench or boulder is another standard in yard décor that can complement most mini garden themes. The Landscaping Network also suggests considering unusual pieces such as garden telescopes and garden sculptures to create a conversation piece in your garden.