Too Busy For Landscaping? Hire A Residential Landscaping Service

Doing landscaping can take a lot of time and energy to make everything beautiful. If you are busy and do not have the time to do this, you should consider hiring a residential landscaping service. Below is information on how they can help you so you can be proud of your landscaping. 

Help With Design 

The first thing you should consider is how you want your landscaping designed. The residential landscaping service can help with this. They can determine where the flowers should be placed, if bushes should be planted, and if using hardscaping would be beneficial. The landscape service will walk around your yard and write down their suggestions. They will have you walk around with them and ask you what you would like to see with your landscaping. The landscaping service will also need to know your budget as landscaping can get expensive. 

Help With Flowers

Choosing the right flowers is important to ensure they are healthy. You need to take many things into consideration when you choose flowers. For example, what you choose will depend on how much sun your yard gets every day.  

Native flowers work well as they will grow well for you. Flowers are considered native that have grown naturally in your region without any human interaction. You may drive down the road and see a lot of black-eyed Susans growing or a variety of daisies. 

The landscaping service will do a soil test before they plant flowers. They take samples of soil from different areas of your yard. This will help them determine if nutrients need to be added to the soil so the flowers will grow healthy. Once you choose the flowers, they will purchase them for you and plant them. 

Help With Bushes  

If you already have bushes in your yard, the residential landscaping contractor can trim them for you, if needed. This is beneficial as trimmed bushes look much neater and it can help keep them healthy. 

If your yard does not have bushes, the landscaping service can help you choose them and where to plant them. You may want to plant a row of bushes in front of your home or plant separate bushes in different areas of your yard. 

Bushes that stay green throughout the growing season include boxwood, yew, juniper, and yucca. Flowering bushes include azalea, hydrangea, rose, hibiscus, and forsythia. 

Contact a residential landscaping service to learn about other ways they can help you with your landscaping.