2 Recommendations For Keeping Your Lawn One Of The Best Looking On Your Block

A healthy lawn makes your home and property look maintained and loved, and it is a good way to protect your home's property value. Here are some recommendations for you to keep your lawn in great condition all year long, whether you hire a professional lawn care service or you handle the maintenance yourself.

Regular Mowing

One of the biggest parts of keeping your lawn in good condition is keeping it trimmed at a healthy length. Some homeowners may trim their lawn too short, which can make the lawn plants appear thin and sparse and also cause the plants to dry out easily. This can lead to an unhealthy lawn that never looks lush and soft. A too-short lawn is constantly in a state of stress that can promote insect problems, disease, and weed growth, overtaking the soil and crowding out the lawn.

Instead, look for a regular trim to your lawn that only removes a reasonable portion of the grass length. Keep the lawn trimmed long so that the blades will have time to provide a shade cover to the roots of your lawn plants. This, in turn, can keep the soil moist for longer so your lawn will remain healthy and you won't need to irrigate as often. Not only will this help reduce your water usage but your lawn will look great.

Weed Control

Weed control comes in next when keeping your lawn in good condition. The more weeds you allow to grow within the soil of your yard, the less space your lawn will have room to grow. Weeds can be an aggressively-growing plant and can overtake your lawn for space, crowding it out until there are more weeds than the lawn. Further, when you leave your lawn for weed control until there is an abundance of weeds, you may have to resort to herbicides to remove them from your lawn.

A good approach for weed control is to spend some time each week when you mow in which you pull weeds from the lawn. Use a garden spade or pull them by hand, being sure to pull the entire root from the soil. If you have removed a large section of weeds, the lawn will grow into the vacant soil within a couple of weeks. Additionally, you can apply a layer of lawn seeds to the site and keep the soil moist for up to ten days until germination begins. For more information, contact a lawn mowing service